For us, looking beyond our eyes means having a holistic view of your company’s goals and processes: On the one hand, we attach great importance to the applicability of the results for strategic, marketing or sales activities, and on the other, we differ from other market research institutes because we combine traditional market research methods with related disciplines like business intelligence, data mining, and geomarketing analysis. This allows you to implement the research results easily into your business processes.



Our researchers have an average of over 10 years of experience in market research and data analysis. Whether qualitative or quantitative methods: We use the full range of modern market research techniques and combine different approaches, as required. We develop tailor-made and innovative solutions. What you don’t get from us is research “off the shelf”.



Time is money. We know that sometimes a fast project implementation is necessary if the results would form the basis for urgent decisions. With our expertise and flexibility, we help you quickly and efficiently, without losing sight of quality and precision.



We work closely with leading field service providers and geomarketing institutes. We monitor the work of our partners in accordance with strict quality standards.



We love market research! We are passionate about being explorers and consultants!