online ­communities

Whether as a single tool or as a complement to the classic survey: By setting up an online community, we enable you to create interactive networking and dialog-based exchange with your customers over a longer period of time. Online communities are an ideal market research tool for deep-diving into important topics, evaluating concepts, and developing ideas together with your customers.

In contrast to a classic survey, online communities are perceived much more as interaction with the company on the eye level. The respondents contribute to the results in a highly motivated and involved manner.

Online communities offer a variety of different and combinable modules, such as moderated forum discussions, online focus groups, diaries, and classical online surveys. The mixture of different modules leads to a high motivation and ensures an increased involvement and creativity of the participants.

As a customer, you can follow the online community live at any time, even get in touch with the participants, react to new interesting insights at every phase of the study, and influence the further progress of the research.

Especially in the context of product and concept tests, online communities will provide you a holistic understanding, new insights into your target group, and a variety of creative inputs for future routes of action.